Research Teams

RS2M department is composed by three research teams:

Service Architecture Lab

The lab is one of the leading French research groups with a focus on Future Services in collaboration with key players from the industry and academia around the world

The major areas of our expertise are in web-NGN convergence, Internet of Things, Service Architecture and Peer-to-Peer social networks. Beyond academic research, we share and disseminate our results through active cooperation with leaders the communication industry. The lab is one of the few academic groups that is contributing to standardisation at 3GPP, IETF, IRTF and ITU-T. The lab is heavily involved in collaborative research through national (system@tic, ANR), European (FP7, ITEA, CELTIC) and EU-Asian projects (FP7, ICT Asia).

Noel Crespi, Hang Nguyen

Algores (Algorithms for Networks) covers a very fundamental discipline which is the optimization and applies it to networks (engineering, routing, databases, distributed systems, resource allocation ...). The team is structured along two axes which are interdependent algorithms in their great diversity (linear programming, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, metaheuristics, learning algorithms) and optimization of telecommunications networks (fixed and mobile).

Walid Benameur, José Neto, Alain Petrowski

The Cooperation and Dynamic Adaptation of Mobile Ambient Networks team focuses on the evolution of network architectures and the Internet of the future taking into account the context in order to provide personalized services. The team focuses on mechanisms for Discovery and service architectures (Marc Girod Genet actively involved in this component), the problems of naming and addressing, connection establishment and adaptation and dynamic configuration to support short-range networks (WLAN, WPAN, sensor) are also key research issues. As the ambient aspects and customization services are also part of studies of other teams, they unite the research and development in the RS2M department.

A new theme that addresses the team is focused on virtualization platforms of communication

Djamal Zeghlache (head of department), Badii Jouaber, Marc Girod Genet, AbdelWahab Marzouki, Eric Renault


Research Projects:

FP7 : Sail (Djamal Zeghlache) Starts September 2010

MOBESENSE (Djamal Zeghlache) Starts September 2009

ANR; OPTIM (Walid Benameur) Starts 2010, Wonderville start 2010 (Badii Jouaber)

Collaborations: Denmark and Singapore (Vincent Gauthier), Thailand (Noel Crespi) , Greece (Marc Girod Genet)